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Using sun cream effectively

Psychology quick wins

Five psychology quick wins

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Reframing your weakest discipline

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Post-race depression

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How does training prevent injury?

Outlaw triathlon finish line

15 UK-based full distance triathlons in 2022

I am not for sale

7in7 Challenge

Motivation for 2021

Why bother with 2021?

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Slow running vs fast walking

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How clubs are adapting to social distancing

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Do professional athletes really drink Red Bull?


Can my heart rate be too high when running (or cycling)?

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Five fartlek sessions

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How to cope with a DNS

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UK triathlons still happening in 2020

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Mental imagery and food cravings

Nike Vaporfly Next% running shoes

Nike Vaporfly Next% review

The two exercises runners should do every day

The two exercises runners should do every day


The best sport documentaries in 2020

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Mixing up your run routine

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Staying motivated during COVID-19

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Is everything we know about hydration incorrect?

Whole grains

What's so great about dietary fibre?

Turbo trainer

I was bored of turbo training, so this is what I did

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How to attend your first yoga class

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What I learnt from a year of yoga

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Getting started with aero bars

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What should you think about while running?

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How to stay sane while training hard

Cycling in winter

How to stay motivated during winter training

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Do these workouts to go faster

The four factors that affect your speed are vo2 max, lactate threshold, economy and resilience.

These four factors determine how fast you go

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Transitioning to zero-drop shoes

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How to get a good night's sleep before a race

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How to get up early for a long run

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What to do when you feel crap at the start of a run

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Run a fast 5km: Master the warm-up

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All 13 UK-based iron distance races in 2020

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How do you keep going for an entire ironman?

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What is mindfulness?

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How many calf raises should runners be able to do?

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What to do if you have a panic attack in a lake

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Why everyone needs more pain in their lives