About us

We teach sport psychology to triathletes and runners. If you want to push your limits and achieve new PBs, or just use endurance sport to improve your mental health, we're here to help.

For athletes

They say triathlon is 90% mental. Yet many athletes spend zero time working on their mental game, or do a few tips they learnt off YouTube, while at the same time pouring huge amounts of time and energy into their physical training. We are here to fix that, providing evidence-based advice and research-lead courses that help athletes apply a proper training plan to their mental game.

For beginners

Modern life is hard. Rates of mental ilness have never been higher. Exercise is an antidepressant. It has been shown to be as effective as medication and is (mostly!) side-effect free. At RESILIENT, we want everyone to benefit from the amazing feeling of conquering a new run distance or completing a triathlon.

Our story

Resilient was founded in 2017 by Chris Worfolk. Chris studied psychology at Leeds Beckett University, has six years clinical experience, and is an ultramarathon runner and Ironman triathlete.

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