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Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer

If you want the ultimate indoor cycling experience and money is no object, the Neo 2T is the turbo trainer of choice.

Why is it so good? It is super-quiet and requires no calibration. It can be used without power, so you can take it on the road with you to warm up before events. It can simulate gradients of up to 25% and handle up to 2200 Watts. It even vibrates when you ride over cobbles in Zwift and spins the wheel forward when descending to simulate a real descent.

The differences between the 2 and the 2T are small. The 2T can handle slightly more power and comes with thru-axle Compatability out-of-the-box. You do need to fit the included adapter, though, and the 2 has an optional thru-axle kit, so probably not worth upgrading if you have a Neo 2.



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