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Nike Vaporfly Next%

It is hard to ignore the Nike Vaporfly Next%. It has been smashing all of the world records and data from the New York Times shows that it genuinely does seem to make everyone 4% faster. In my personal tests, I have to agree that this claim is not made up: the shoes make you fly.

That said, there are some strong caveats. For the first few kilometres of each run, the rocker bigs into the bottom of my foot. I tried wearing them without socks for triathlon and after 6km I had blisters that lasted for weeks. The laces do not always stay tied.

And then there is the price. They are super expensive. You get what you pay for, though: lots of speed. And far from being a fragile shoe, mine lasted 915 kilometres before giving up. Still, depending on your annual mileage, that could still be a lot of money to spend on shoes each year.




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