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GU gel flask

Energy gels are a staple of most people's marathon and triathlon races. But it also means you have a load of sticky plastic waste that you have to stick in your pocket. And where do you stick them all?

A helpful solution is the gel flask GU Energy. it holds five or six gels depending on what brand you use. I get around 4-5 Torq gels in there but fewer if I am using Mountain Fuel. it works for all brands that I have tried.

The best thing is that you can open and close the twist cap with your teeth, thus allowing you to feed while keeping one hand on the handlebars when on the bike. So, if you are not confident enough to ride without hands, this is a great way to feed.

You're also no longer limited to having exactly one gel at a time: want to have a bit more or a bit less? No problem.

There are some downsides: it is difficult to suck all of the gel out so even if you fill it with five gels, you probably will not get give gels worth out. And while it reduces some of the stickiness, the cap will still get sticky.

It is reasonably easy to clean by taking the cap off. It is flexible so will fit into pockets and other spaces.




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