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Garmin HRM-Swim

This is a solid heart rate monitor if you spend a lot of time in the pool. It is similar to the HRM-Tri but has some adaptations specifically for the pool. The band is made of rubber so that it sticks to your chest, preventing it moving when you dive on or push off the side of the pool. It is also more resistant to pool chemicals so should, in theory, last longer.

The downside is the rubber strap is far less comfortable than stretching straps, so you will not want to use this outside of the pool. It is also ANT+, so no syncing over Bluetooth. So, it's not a three star recommendation because its only use is with an ANT+ watch in the pool. The strap needs regular adjustment, also.

Syncing isn't perfect either. Maybe 10-20% of the time I am unable to download my heart rate data. Other heart rate monitors do not work any better, though; just make sure your watch syncs with the heart rate monitor before diving into the water.




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