Sport Psychology for Triathletes

A comprehensive evidence-based course on improving your mental game

Do you want to stand on the start line feeling like an elite triathlete? Control those pre-race nerves? Find the resilience to keep going when you are at your lowest? In short, be a stronger, more confident, happer triathlete?

It is often said that the mental side is just as important as the physical side. Yet so few triathletes put a proper training programme in place for their mental game. Until now. Our premier course provides a comprehensive scientifically-based education on every area of sport psychology that triathletes and would-be triathletes need to master.


The course duration is 12 weeks, with each module taking 2-3 hours of study to complete. Each module is assessed by a multiple-choice test. The core modules are:

Module 1


The basics of sport psychology to set you up for the rest of the course.

Module 2


Enjoy your training, get the sessions done and stay on track.

Module 3


Set goals scientifically to achieve better results.

Module 4


Gain control of your attention so you can execute to perfection and shut out the pain.

Module 5

Mental imagery

Use visualisation to learn skills, improve performance and gain confidence.

Module 6


Build confidence to perform at your best and calm those race-day nerves.

Module 7


Rewrite the voice inside your head to make it less negative and more helpful.

Module 8

Stress and anxiety

Calm your pre-race anxiety and get yourself into the optimum zone of functioning.

Module 9


Use the science of mindfulness to control your attention and reduce anxiety.

Module 10


Understand how humans learn and how you can apply this to improving your technique.

Module 11

Routines and mental preparation

Use routines to nail execution and get it correct every time.

Module 12

Injury and recovery

Protect yourself from injury and recover faster when the worst does occur.


On completing the course, you will be awarded an accredited Diploma in Triathlon Psychology Coaching.


Join the course

We run the course once per year with registration opening in April. Registration is available exclusively to those on our waiting list, which you can join using the form below. The current fee is £199.

Your instructor

Chris Worfolk

Taught by Chris Worfolk, qualified psychologist, British Triathlon and IRONMAN Certified Coach. Over 60,000 students have joined and loved Chris's online courses, and we would love for you to be the next one.